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Seid Asmare (General Manager)


Distinguished Visitors,
, Welcome to our website first!
Awolia is amongst the oldest development and humanitarian organizations in Ethiopia and has a longer history of socioeconomic development interventions mainly in sectors of education, health, orphan and vulnerable children ,

care and support, funeral Services/ Jenaza hygiene, clean water supply, the Quran memorization education, and emergency relief services. Since 1952, the time of its first establishment, Awolia has been contributing to the development efforts of the country. In 2014, Awolia legally reestablished as indigenous Civil Society Organization under the Federal Charities and Civil Societies Agency and renamed as Awolia Relief and Development Organization and got its certificate of registration in the same year. And also reregistered and accorded legal personality with registry number 3301 on April 01/2020 as a Local Organization in accordance with the Civil Society Organizations Proclamation No. 1113/2019. With having envisions to be one of the country’s leading indigenous Non-Government Organizations to contribute towards the socio-economic development of the country Therefore, We kindly request the all our community to administer its former institution, Awolia, by providing full financial budget in order to ensure the sustainability of the our organization. Awolia needs everybody more than any other time before ! Because some of Awolia's multi- service provider institution’s (specially health centers) are slow down day to day duties and some others totally stopped working as a result of budget deficit. We are now finalizing our own awolia general hospital building in collaboration with our communities, in order to fully start provision of standard of quality health services for communities. To date, we have reached 88% of completion of the building with some of remain activities. ( Elevator installation & medical Equipment ) Currently Awolia is experiencing promising and better administration structure and good governance . We have witnessed many hopeful changes which is the direct result of transparent and responsible administration. A unique feature of the current administration system is that it uphold the management committee lead by manager which consists of all of head quarter department heads and other stalk holders. In short management committee is representative and consultative in nature which plays a major role and also follows up each and every organizational activity. The board also the decision making process of the organization. All of previous inconvenient circumstance has been mitigated, and a better participative administration is established. So we believe that we have to do a lot and transfer this institution to a better independent organizational existence. This will be realized through our mutual effort cooperation. Now We have ambitions to transfer Awolia to a big and prominent institution and to be competent with other Ngo's in our country. thank you! Seid Asmare ,
General Manager

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